10 Things You Must Know About Detailing Your Car

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

For starters, (1) never even touch your car without a lubricant such as water, spray wax, waterless wash, or soap. These lift contaminants from the surface, “so you won’t grind soil into the paint and spend the rest of the day buffing out the scratches,” Kosilla says.

Try to (2) be methodical and work in this order: wheels, paint, interior, and glass. Otherwise, you’ll waste precious time fumbling around washing and rewashing. Doing the wheels first, before you wet the rest of the car, prevents water spots from forming on the paint. Wash the glass last in case you smudge the windows while cleaning the interior.

Dirty wheels often contain brake dust, which can scratch paint, so (3) designate one bucket and mitt for painted areas only, and keep another wash mitt in a separate bucket for the wheels.


There’s more to the perfect car wash than rinsing grime off your ride. Ammo NYC founder Larry Kosilla explains.


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