9 Must-Have Options for Summertime Cruising

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

9C7080C15F1480AC38D92551AE6684MSN posted this article for summer time fun!  Cooled cupholders and tailgate speakers…let’s get this party started!

Anyone can plan a great summer drive by donning polarized shades and stuffing the trunk full of outdoor gear. But not everyone can cool their lemonades without ice or camp comfortably in their car — and very few drivers avoid being scorched by their leather seats. To really cruise in style and comfort, you’ll need a car that sports the latest warm-weather features. We’ve chosen nine such features, most of which are available only as factory options or dealer accessories. Even if you don’t live in a perpetually sun-drenched dreamland state such as California, you’ll appreciate them when vacation comes due.


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