Car Racks 101: Hauling Your Bike, Ski, or Kayak

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

car-racks-0314-mdnIf you’re an outdoor-sporting enthusiast, then you know that the equipment necessary for your weekend excursions can be fairly hefty. Since bikes and kayaks don’t exactly fit conveniently into the trunk of a sedan (I don’t care how spacious it is back there) you will need the right racks to carry your toys.

All those automotive add-ons may sound overwhelming, but there is good news: Getting your car to be roof-rack-ready is not as daunting as it seems. There’s a plethora of roof-rack brands available to choose from, but with this abundance of choice comes the plight of having to narrow down which brand is right for you. A simple way to cut down your choices is to base your decision on G.A.P.: Gear, Aesthetics, and Price.


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