Forget parallel parking – at least learn how to turn left

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

This is a bit funny, sad and true!

gd-roadsage-leftThey say you shouldn’t judge people by the cars they drive. As someone who drives both a Dodge Grand Caravan and a Toyota Camry, I couldn’t agree more. Don’t judge me by my ride (if you really must, go ahead. I can live with your contempt). If you really want to judge me, I say judge me by my ability to execute a left turn. In fact, judge everyone by their ability to make a left turn.

After all, the left is all we have left.

The left turn is the new low rung on the driving ladder, the minimum standard of proficiency. We used to expect motorists to know how to parallel park, but this skill seems to be fleeting. Drivers now learn how to parallel for their driver’s exam and then promptly forget it. After a few years, it wears off. Cast an eye around any street and all you see are cars nosing into spaces or tantric examples of botched parallel parking. Expecting the majority to be masters of the move is like expecting most people to know the words to our national anthem or to wash their hands after sneezing. Some dreams are just too lofty.

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